The Presents God Desires

The Prophet Micah asked a question that I’ve often asked myself: What does God want from me?  What can I give Him that He’ll really like?  The answer came quickly: “to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God” (Micah 6:6-8).  What is most interesting about this is the parallels between the gifts of the wise men 2,000 years ago and what God desires from me today.  God’s tastes in presents hasn’t changed much!

1. God desires a practical present given to the King…  He wants me to ‘do justly.’  That simply means that I live within my bound and means.  Life puts limits on each of us – pleasing God is about how we manage the things inside of the circle we label as ‘ours.’  It’s also called stewardship.  My first present is one of self-examination and taking inventory to make sure that I’m living according the to means and boundaries that are established for me.  Literally, my present to God is Living Practically.

2. God desires a personal present given to my High Priest… He wants me to ‘love mercy’  (this involves how I treat those around me).  God is well pleased when I do good to others by treating them with love, kindness, and forgiveness.  Think of what this verse is saying… there should be a double-standard in the way we treat others (vs. ourselves): mercy for them, justice for self.  I should treat them better than I treat myself, pray harder for their blessings than I do myself, giving the benefit of the doubt to them without expecting it for myself.  Isn’t that what Jesus said in Matthew 22:39?  Isn’t that why we have Christmas in the first place, because Jesus gave of Himself in a manner that could never be repaid or reciprocated?  So, my present to God is Living Personally.

3. God desires a permanent present given to the Sacrificial Lamb … He wants me to ‘walk humbly’ with Him.  This is the most lasting and eternal thing that I can do after being saved.  My walk with God is key to everything else, if it’s not right nothing else can be right.  The force of the phrase ‘walk humbly” in Scripture here is the idea of consistent faithfulness combined with yielded modesty and simplicity.  The best present I can give to God is Living Permanently, and the only way to do that is walking with Him and yielding to His Spirit.

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