The Presents of the Wise Men

It’s All About the Presents (Part 2)

Matthew 2:11 records the three special gifts given to the newborn King: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  Why these three?  Is there anything to these particular presents?  Yes!  These wise men were men of great faith and their gifts were insightful symbols of worship.  You’ll notice that the meaning of these gifts will layer upon the thoughts gleaned from Christ’s ‘too-wonderful-for-words’ gift.

Gold is a gift fit for a king.  This gift reveals Jesus’ Divine origin and yet it is a very practical gift for a poor family with a baby in a feeding trough.  It’s not recorded what happened to the gold after this, although since we never find Jesus wearing or spending it, it’s quite possible it became part of the family’s finances.

Frankincense is a beautiful-smelling incense used in the Temple and in prayer ritual.  It is the spice of intercession.  This gift reveals Jesus as the High Priest, the Mediator between God and men.  This particular present was very personal, for no other person on earth deserved to receive this at his birth more than this One.

The last gift presented to the baby was myrrh.  This is the most unusual of the presents, for myrrh’s main use was as in embalming the dead.  This lasting, permanent gift reveals Jesus’ coming sacrifice on Calvary.

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