SUNDAYS at 8:00, 9:00, & 10:30 am
506 Hester Dr. White House, TN 37188

Covid-19 Adaptations

Know. Grow. Show.

Covid-19 Adaptations

The Corona Virus has changed our method of gathering but it has not stopped God’s people. Tune in with us every Wednesday night at 6:30 over Instagram Live @graceparkstudents for a killer game, worship and a message that cannot be beat!

Not only that, but we have content coming at you daily via Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Our Daily schedule consists of:

  • Mission Monday – A short devotional presented by a member of the college leadership team via Instagram live. These are also reposted via Facebook so you can watch anytime throughout the week.
  • TikTok Tuesday – Enjoy a dose of hilarious clean humor with a TikTok put together by members of our team. These are available on all three of our social media platforms.
  • The Stream (Wednesdays at 6:30) – This is our main gathering in which we play a game, have worship and a message all via Instagram live.
  • Thrifty Thursday – Learn a new skill from our leadership team like baking cookies, survival skills, change a tire, or make spaghetti tacos all with our personal dash of humor of course. Check these out on our Instagram and Facebook pages.
  • Friendzone Friday – On Friendzone Friday we do a number of things. Sometimes it’s a fun amidst the leadership team, sometimes it’s a Netflix watch party, but it is always focused on gathering together for fun and fellowship. In this time of separation we consider this to be a necessity.

We are excited for the amazing work God is doing in our church right now and in this ministry. We look forward to you joining us on any and all of our digital endeavors and until then

We will see you at The Stream


The Grace Park Student Team

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