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Graces Closet LogoGrace Park MOPS exists to minister to moms in our area.  Part of our ministry includes Grace’s Closet Consignment Sale. Grace’s Closet opens in the spring and fall.  The proceeds from the sale go towards our MOPS ministry.
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March 30, Thursday, 7am-7pm

March 31, Friday, 7am-7pm

April 1, Saturday, 7am-Noon

How to Consign

Due to limited space, we only allow the first 115 consigners.  To register as a consigner, please click here.  Please email if you have any additional questions.

Consigners receive 70% of the selling price, minus a consigner fee of $7.50.  If you want your tags mailed to you, your fee will be $10. You will receive your check in the mail within two weeks after the sale. All fees will be deducted from your total profit.  Consignor drop off Mar 27-28, sign up with the link above. Consignor-only and new mom sale: Wed, Mar 29, 1-5pm.

Accepted Items

  • Clean, pressed children’s spring and summer clothing sizes 0 -16, free of holes and stains.  A limit of 20 items per gender is placed on infants clothing sizes 0-12 months.  No limit on larger sizes.
  • Children’s shoes sizes 0 – 4 youth.  A limit of 10 pairs of shoes per gender per consignor.
  • Spring and summer maternity clothes are limited to 15 items per consignor.
  • Baby accessories
  • Furniture
  • Books
  • Games, videos and DVD’s in working order
  • Bedding & houseware items (such as small appliances, dishes, holiday, and home decor items) are limited to 25 items per consignor.

Declined Items

  • Car seats
  • Children’s metal jewelry
  • Soft plastic teethers/toys/pacifiers
  • Stuffed animals
  • Damaged, stained or outdated clothes
  • Clothes or bedding that are musty or smell of smoke
  • Cribs

All items and tags will be inspected at drop-off.  Any item that does not meet these standards will be removed from the sale.  Tags that are not correct will need to be corrected prior to you leaving.


Preparing items for the sale

When the item is laying face up, the hook of hanger must face left and the tag should be placed at the top right on the item.  Attach a 3×5 index card vertically to the upper right side of the garment with a standard safety pin. Handwritten cards are allowed.

ND (No Discount) is optional and must be clearly written above the price. image1

Minimum price is $0.50 and prices must be easily divided in half. $1.50 is acceptable. (Amounts not easily divided by half are $.25, $.99 or $.75.)

Pins should be placed at the TOP of the card AWAY from any written information. Leave enough room between the pin and the info so that we can easily cut the tag off during check out.

See right for an example of what the tag should look like:


For drop off – Please arrange clean, pressed hanging clothes according to gender and size, smallest to largest.