The Proof is the Scars

nail-scarred-handsRead or Listen: John 20:21-31

Jesus knew that some of His followers would have doubts and fears after His crucifixion. Many did not understand His teaching about the resurrection. Jesus wanted them to know beyond any doubt that He was alive again.

The disciples were gathered together in fear of what might happen next; but, as is His way so often, Jesus arrived and with a few words peace was restored. Possibly, a collective sigh was heard , heart rates slowed down, and a peace that only Jesus could provide flooded over the room. Where was Thomas?  Absent… missing out on the chance to see the risen Christ.

When told of the encounter he had  missed, Thomas did not believe that it was Jesus. Thomas spent another eight days without the assurance and peace that Jesus provided the others. Jesus wants to meet the needs of all of His children, so He made another trip to visit the disciples. This time Thomas saw the proof that he wanted: the scars in the hands and side of Jesus.  His response is wonderful. “My Lord and my God!”

The fact that Jesus is risen and alive is important to us as well. The Bible says, “If Christ be not risen from the dead our faith is useless” (1 Cor. 15:17);  “And without faith it is impossible to please God” (Heb. 11:16).

Satan would be happy to use doubt to discourage and disrupt the life and work of believers. Jesus said we are blessed when we believe — even though we have not seen Jesus face to face. The Holy Spirit impresses our heart and leads us into the truth of God’s Word. The Bible is truth.  If we begin to doubt, then we must return to the truths of God’s Word.

He can and will meet our personal needs. We serve a risen Savior; the proof of His love are the scars on His hands.


Prime-Time Discussion:

Why was Thomas missing? Where was he?  Did Jesus know what Thomas needed?

What should we do when we have doubts and fears?

Night-Time Prayer:

Dear Jesus, thank You for the truth that You are alive and well, that You know our every need, and that You can meet those needs. Protect us from falling into the traps of Satan… doubt and fear. In Your wonderful name we pray, Amen.

devotion by Bruce DeVries

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