All LifeClasses will go through the study, The Purpose Driven Life, What on Earth Am I Here For?

(1 book, 1 study guide, $10.00 total)

Class sign up & pay for book:

Adult Co-ed Adults: Jan Caldwell, Precept Mansion
Couples (40s-50s): Ryan & Leigh Booker, L.O. Cook Bldg./Rm 1
Men: Pastor Bob & Bill Lane, L.O. Cook Bldg./Rm 2
Young Couples (20s-30s): Nathan & Lindsay Smith, L.O. Cook Bldg./Rm 3
Ladies: Wanda Cook, L.O. Cook Bldg./Rm 4
Seniors (Friends class): Ray Newman, Village Chapel of Prayer
MS/HS Gals: Lisa Parrott/Charlotte Tyree/Hollie Brewer, Pavilion
MS/HS Guys: Adam Parrot/J.T. Jones/Eric Tyree/David Roy, Pavilion

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