Parents are intended, by God, to be the primary disciple makers of their kids. Here are some resources to help you as you seek to lead your kids to love and live for Jesus.



How to:

“Family Worship” by Donald S. Whitney


Children’s Bibles:

“The Jesus Storybook Bible” by Sally Lloyd-Jones

“The Gospel Story Bible” by Marty Machowski



“The Ology” by Marty Machowski

“Everything a Child Should Know about God” by Kenneth N. Taylor



“Everyone a Child Should Know” by Clare Heath-Whyte


Story Books:

“The Biggest Story” by Kevin DeYoung

“The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross” by Carl Laferton

“God’s Very Good Idea” by Trillia Newbell

“The Storm that Stopped” by Alison Mitchell

“The One O’Clock Miracle” by Alison Mitchell

“Miracle Man” by John Hendrix


Young Children:

“The Biggest Story ABC” by Kevin DeYoung



Slugs & Bugs: Website; iTunes

Sovereign Grace Music

“Listen Up!”; “The Ology”; “Walking with the Wise”; “To Be Like Jesus”

Seeds Family Worship : Website; iTunes; Spotify