JDV Mission Trip Report

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  1. Renee Theodore says:

    I listen to the message and what like to commend you on your volunteering in Jamaica. I am a good friend of one of the young ladies in the school or the village if you attended the one in Mandeville her name is Bianka I live in Macon Georgia and my husband and I do medical missions in Black River Jamaica . I am very much interested in coming next year I have never gotten a chance to visit the school where Bianka job son attends or lives with her family and children husband but I would love to get the information for next year my name is Renée Theodore and my husband is a physician and we do mission work in Black River Jamaica with American Jamaican links for the past 16 years and I would love to go to the village. I applaud you and the church for what you have done for the Jamaican community I am not Jamaican however I feel like I am because of my work beer in terms of volunteer for the past 16 years and I just love the people I love the culture and I know they appreciate you praise God for people that are willing to give their time their talents their finances to people who are less fortunate you demonstrate the true meaning of gods work I can be reached at 478-787-1232 thank you

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