The Prerequisite for Mountain Climbing

As we GO Together to Take Our Mountain, let us not ‘presume to go up’ lest we face defeat.

What is the key to victory?

What does it mean to fear the Lord?

1. To fear the Lord is to BLESS Him with a CONTAGIOUS spirit of PRAISE.
(Ps. 34:1-3)
2. To fear the Lord is to SEEK Him with a CONTRITE spirit of PRAYER.
(Ps. 34:4-7; 15-18)
3. To fear the Lord is to TRUST Him with a CONFIDENT spirit of PURSUIT.
(Ps. 34:8-14; 19-22)

To fear the Lord is to bless, seek, and trust Him. In simple terms, we should deny ourselves and take up the cross daily to love, obey and follow Jesus… realizing there are consequences if we do not. Let us Take Our Mountain with a healthy and wholesome fear of God in our hearts.

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