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What If…?

What would happen if we prayed for one another? What if you prayed that your fellow church members would overflow with love and be full of knowledge and discernment? What if you prayed for others to walk upright, in purity and righteousness? What kind of impact would we see around us if we prayed for others this way? What if others prayed this way for you?

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Walk Worthy

Paul is speaking to Christians, imploring us to act with integrity and to conduct ourselves in a way that is worthy of our high calling as “Christians.” Sometimes we use the term “calling” as a special term signifying a life set apart for full-time Christian ministry, but in this passage it is the calling on all Christ-followers.

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The Prayer for 1

When I was a small boy growing up, my dad was a Baptist minister, and our family lived in the house right behind the church building…it was called the parsonage. I can recall going over to dad’s study in the church building to tell him dinner was ready…and at times I would overhear him praying. Sometimes, I would sit down and listen to dad pray…

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