Ask. Seek. Knock.

Matthew 7:7-11

In today’s passage, there is a promise – a most amazing promise.  This promise was given by Christ; it is unconditionally delivered to all mankind.  This is not only for a few, not even just for the Christian. It is given freely to all… the promise of answered prayer!  Do you believe these verses?  I don’t know if I really do!  Don’t misunderstand: I say that I believe them, yet I didn’t pray more than 5 minutes on Thursday. Five minutes! If I believed this, I would have spent more than 5 minutes asking, seeking, knocking…

Truth is, most Christians are like me – we ‘try’ to pray – but we’re not consistent, we’re not faithful at it.  We let God into little compartments of our lives – never truly being totally honest and naked.  We don’t see much happening out of it – so we give it less and less time, until something so big comes up that we run back to God.  Sometimes, He comes through like we had hoped… and we’re grateful, so we pray for a while more. A few days, another week or two, there we are again on Thursday… only 5 minutes.

Prayer is asking. God is not Aladdin’s genie in a bottle, but He wants to be asked. Asking requires that we believe, that we trust (Heb. 11:1, 6) that God can, and will, come through. Don’t allow your past experiences (failed) be the measure of our prayers ahead… keep asking!

Prayer is seeking. It is finding God in a real relationship… His true spiritual presence. Romans 8:28 teaches that God is using situations to bring us closer to Him, even in prayer. Do you crave, dwell on, strive for a closer walk with Him? Our Father desires us to walk with Him… so keep seeking!

Prayer is knocking. The doors are opportunities & victories of deep spiritual power. The will of God is that we get admission / permission to go into His presence, go with Him, and go further for Him… so keep knocking!

Prime-Time Discussion:

I recently found a good tool to help me with my prayer time… The Prayer P.A.T.H. Do this as a family, spend 2-3 minutes at each point or take turns…

P—Praise. As you quietly ponder WHO God is (His attributes), as everyone is still, speak short sentence praises to Him as your worship.

A—Admit. The Bible teaches that confession of sins is an important part of a vibrant prayer life. Ask for forgiveness and cleansing from your sin.

T—Thanksgiving. This is a joyful time of repeating a few things that God has done for you.

H—Help. Ask God to meet your needs. Name them, be specific.

devotion by Patrick Nix

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