Prayer is Crazy!

James 5:13-18

Prayer is crazy. If you really stop and think about it, prayer is crazy! First off, we get to talk to God…the Creator of ALL things, the Sustainer of ALL things, the all-powerful, the all-knowing, the always present, everywhere God of the universe. We get to talk to HIM. Prayer is crazy! But not only do we get to talk to Him, but He listens!

Our Scripture passage for today shows us ways that He listens. When we are suffering, God hears our prayers. When we are cheerful and full of joy, God hears our prayers. When we are sick, God hears our prayers. When we sin…when we turn back to Him…God hears our prayers. Wow! The fact that we can talk to God is crazy, but He listens also! And He cares!

Another way that prayer is crazy is in its mystery. Prayer is a mixture of God already knowing what you want and need before you ask Him (Matt. 6:8) and Him still wanting you to pray and ask Him (Matt. 6:9-13). It’s a mixture of us expressing what we want and Him giving us what we need. The greatest mystery in prayer to me is that somehow, in some way, though God knows all things, though He is fully in control, though He is the One with all the power…prayer affects Him. He listens to our prayers and acts and moves and works. Why? I have no clue. It’s a grand mystery, but I know it’s true and I know it works. He listens to ordinary people and works through their prayers to do extraordinary things, for their good and His glory, as you can see from Elijah in today’s passage. He can do the same in and through us.

We get to talk to God. He listens. He cares. He acts. Man, prayer is crazy…crazy-awesome!

Prime-Time Discussion:

If you could talk to God face to face, what would you say? (Prayer is no different than if you were in front of God talking face to face.)  Why do you think God listens to our prayers? Can/does God still answer BIG prayers today like He did for Elijah? Why?

Night-Time Prayer:

God, thank you for hearing me and caring about me.

devotion by Jacob Haywood

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