Teach Me to Pray

Luke 11:1-4

“Lord teach us to pray.” This phrase has both baffled me and amazed me. These men walked with Jesus. They walked with Creator God in human flesh. The one who spoke and it was… And they ask “teach us to pray.” As much as that baffles me, it amazes me all the more.

What great joy we have to know that the God of the universe hears our prayers! All throughout scripture we see the centrality that prayer had in Jesus’ life. Jesus, who is fully God and fully man, saw the importance and the necessity of communicating with His heavenly Father. So here is a question:

Is your prayer life revolved around the relationship or the request?

The Lord spoke to my heart when I read that simple phrase that the disciples asked Jesus. “Lord teach us to pray.” I really believe a lot of us need to ask the Lord that. “Lord teach me how to pray like You!”

Sooner or later life almost overwhelms you with pressures and problems—physical problems (give us daily bread), relational and mental problems (forgive us our debts), moral problems (lead us not into temptation).  And what I want you to see is this…

You have a Father. He is a thousand times better as a Father than the best human father. His fatherhood means he cares about every one of those problems, and he beckons you to talk to him about them in prayer, and to come to him for help.

Prime-Time Discussion: 

Is your prayer life more revolved around the relationship or the request?

On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the least and 5 being the greatest, how would you rate your prayer life?

How do you plan to make your prayer life a greater priority?

Night-Time Prayer:

Jesus, teach me how to pray! May you create in me a new heart for prayer. Help me see the power and the purpose of speaking with You through prayer.

devotion by Channing Gillespie

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