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November 20 All day

HUGE Christmas Sale...  50-75% off retail prices: Christmas items, Housewares, Toys/Games, Candy & Chocolate, and much more! 100% proceeds go to ...

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As followers of Jesus Christ, we exist to know God, grow with His family, and show His love to the world.

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We are a faith-family made up of all kinds of people on a spiritual journey together

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Featured Devotions

February 12, 2014
Jacob Haywood
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Yummy & Nutritious

God’s Word, the Bible, is sweet. It tastes good. It is not like broccoli or spinach that you HAVE to eat to be healthy. It is like a birthday cake that is good for you. It tastes so good and is more nutritious than all of the vegetables combined.

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February 10, 2014
Bob Cook
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God is a Rewarder

Our heavenly Father knows that all His children like to be rewarded; in fact, He is the One Who made us that way…and He, our Heavenly Father, loves to reward us! He rewards us in this life…and He rewards us in the life to come when we join Him in heaven.

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